What’s New in 2009

With all the ways of releasing information it sometimes gets overwhelming. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, photo galleries, etc, how does one know where to find it all?

It seems emails impact is slipping away, and people more often send messages to me through Instant Message or Facebook. So with that, I am going to start posting photos and blogging more since, i keep getting requests for photos and more.

Its been a while since Leo and I have released a TLP episode for various reasons that have pulled us out of circulation, but that should soon resume…in a new form. I have been planning to lessen the music related coverage in the TLP Show, and make it more of a casual conversation show with possible guest hosts from time to time. Its meant to be an accessory to the other shows we do, rather than a focal point. We will see how that evolves.

As that evolves, so does my skills with video editing software. Its been a long time since my FITV days working on an Amiga VideoToaster and a real control surface for video editing and live broadcast. With my evolution into HD video, I have my trusty Sanyo HD1000, I jumped into the world of Apple getting a Macbook Pro which was powerful enough to handle HD video (this was just under a year ago), and more recently I have been teaching myself Final Cut Pro. A truly powerful video editing package which makes some of the old techniques incredibly easy, and comes with a good stock of templates to get you started.

With that I am starting a new video series called “The Basic Breakdown“, which will be short videos with how-tos on everything from Computers to Cooking. Though I will probably start with cooking, and demonstrating a few of the staples in my culinary life.

I am trying to discover an easy way for people to send me topic ideas or requests, perhaps I will set up a google form like I have for the artist submissions on the TLP Network.

This blog will continue to be a place for technical and personal items, perhaps more person over the coming months, but I am open to requests. Feel free to post a comment or message me in some way.

At the moment I am @db42 on Twitter.