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Secure Connection Series: Aka VPN, SSH, Tunnelling

In this series we will progress through the steps on how to remotely connect to your home computer. In this example I will mostly lean on my expertise in Linux, however many of these techniques will apply to Mac OSX and to a lesser extent Windows. Having looked into solutions for OSX and Windows, I will go into some details on using clients from these operating systems to connect to your home server.

As a preview, and to give you some of the key terms you can search for to find some of these answers out for yourself, here is theĀ  outline of this series of articles I will be presenting:

Steps in this series:

  1. Open a Port on your home networks router/modem
  2. Install SSHD on your home machine
    1. OpenSSH
    2. SSH for Windows
  3. Configure SSHD_CONFIG
    1. Allowed users
    2. Port Configuration
  4. Adding Security Key Pairs
    1. Disabling password access
  5. MacFusion / WinSCP / Fish:// for File Transfers
  6. VNC / Remote Desktop
    1. Tunnelling the port -L 50000:localhost:5900
    2. Starting a VNC server on the Server Machine
    3. Using Remote Desktop
    4. TightVNC client
  7. Beyond the basics

This outline should get you started towards setting up and configuring your own secure connections, however as time permits, i will be releasing articles to fully detail each of these steps.
Use the comments section to left me feedback or as questions for other topics.