Monthly Archives: May 2006

Wiki work begins

I have started my work on filling out the Wiki, and learning all the tricks to working with MediaWiki.

One thing for sure, is there is a lot to learn as far as Wiki formatting. Its a shame that the default setup for Mediawiki is such a blank slate. What I would love is to find an easy way to import all the help and template pages into the wiki.

I am learning a bit about Template wiki entries, but it would be so much easier to find a concise resource on importing them.

So far I have migrated my documents about a few of my travel/hiking kits, as well as setting up a structure for the rest of them. Also I have posted my article on SSH within the OpenSource section.

A few of the lists I am keeping are what applications I am using actively, and what podcasts/vidcasts I am iistening to.

Its just been interesting learning about what I can do. Now for the few things I want to do with it, and haven’t figured out yet, is where the challenge lies.

Deconstruction of Falling Stars

In another fun change, on the course to learning something new, optimizing resources, and consolidating information, my website will be changing again.

A long time ago in a Inter-sphere far far away, I had a website that was hand wrought. Then I moved to the CMS system called PHPNuke, then to a fork of that project myPHPNuke. The next stage was to a paid hosting service, and I used the opensource project Drupal, a modular CRM. I have been using Drupal for a few years now, but I truly haven’t been using all of its functions, since its more than I need.

So now I am breaking the site down. I am going to attempt to retain most of the content, and the current site will exist as a legacy site in the interrum.

Here are my reasons.

There are 3 things that I feel can contain all my content: a Photo Gallery, a Blog, and a Wiki. All of which make use of a MySQL database.
The photo gallery is alive and active. I am running the Gallery package for that. Its a pretty simple setup, just drop the files on the server and have a database.

The blog is running on WordPress, which again is just as easy to set up.

And finally, the place to store articles, how-to documents, lists, tidbits of knowledge and information I am planning to use MediaWiki. The back end of the Wikipedia project. This component is not set up yet on the server, but its coming.