Monthly Archives: May 2007

Back to the Media

Dusting off the old keyboard, blowing the bits out of the “series of tubes”, and gearing up for some content creation.

Now that I am working on projects that aren’t requiring 80hrs a week of my time, and draining the life from me, its time to start letting those creative juices flow. (What an awful idiom)

I am making my effort to start up a podcast. Yes, those that know me have read the how-to’s I wrote a few years ago, and although i demonstrated podcasting and podcasts. I never really created one of my own. Well i think its time. Look for news here in the future about it.

Perhaps I will devote a portion of this site to essays (aka rants) about Open Source, Creative Commons, Mass Media, and other related topics. But for the moment, I am aiming my musical ramblings over to Insomnia Radio’s new site . That site is in development, and it will be interested to see what becomes of it.