Wiki work begins

I have started my work on filling out the Wiki, and learning all the tricks to working with MediaWiki.

One thing for sure, is there is a lot to learn as far as Wiki formatting. Its a shame that the default setup for Mediawiki is such a blank slate. What I would love is to find an easy way to import all the help and template pages into the wiki.

I am learning a bit about Template wiki entries, but it would be so much easier to find a concise resource on importing them.

So far I have migrated my documents about a few of my travel/hiking kits, as well as setting up a structure for the rest of them. Also I have posted my article on SSH within the OpenSource section.

A few of the lists I am keeping are what applications I am using actively, and what podcasts/vidcasts I am iistening to.

Its just been interesting learning about what I can do. Now for the few things I want to do with it, and haven’t figured out yet, is where the challenge lies.