Deconstruction of Falling Stars

In another fun change, on the course to learning something new, optimizing resources, and consolidating information, my website will be changing again.

A long time ago in a Inter-sphere far far away, I had a website that was hand wrought. Then I moved to the CMS system called PHPNuke, then to a fork of that project myPHPNuke. The next stage was to a paid hosting service, and I used the opensource project Drupal, a modular CRM. I have been using Drupal for a few years now, but I truly haven’t been using all of its functions, since its more than I need.

So now I am breaking the site down. I am going to attempt to retain most of the content, and the current site will exist as a legacy site in the interrum.

Here are my reasons.

There are 3 things that I feel can contain all my content: a Photo Gallery, a Blog, and a Wiki. All of which make use of a MySQL database.
The photo gallery is alive and active. I am running the Gallery package for that. Its a pretty simple setup, just drop the files on the server and have a database.

The blog is running on WordPress, which again is just as easy to set up.

And finally, the place to store articles, how-to documents, lists, tidbits of knowledge and information I am planning to use MediaWiki. The back end of the Wikipedia project. This component is not set up yet on the server, but its coming.