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Anything to do with Linux

Knee Deep in Bagasse, and the Fire is still burning

Time surely flies when you are pulling 80hr weeks, and having no time off. It has been a long and tiring few months, but this absence from the blog I have managed to: Helped 2 people install Kubuntu on their systems Distributed 12 bootable linux cds Managed to create a Control system development environment Utilized […]

Getting Cut by Edgy

After a successful install of Kubuntu, I was not content to remain on the “stable” release of Ubuntu Dapper Drake. I have successfully been running off of the unstable release of Debian for over a year with very few problems. As some of the programs I use on a regular basis have been updated since […]

New Laptop with kUbuntu Action

My new laptop finally arrived. It is a Dell Precision M90. It is an Intel Core Duo 2.16ghz machine with a beautiful 17″ WUXGA screen (1920×1200), DVDRW, bluetooth, and a Dell 1490 Wifi adapter. Why am I specifying the adapter? Because, before deciding on this laptop, I did a little research into Linux compatability. I […]

Windows in a Linux Box

My company handed me a copy of MS Project, of which I now must learn to use. I was going to write about how I was using Planner under Linux (which is what I started this project on), but since they are going to be getting the Project Server, and I am the first person […]

A Linux Soul in a Windows World

As I start work with a new company, I exposed to all sorts of strange and wonderful things. First off, they provided me with an email account. Apparently they run MS Exchange Server, and there is something I have never seen before called OWA or Outlook Web Access. So I point my happy Firefox browser […]