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Monthly Archives: July 2006

New Laptop with kUbuntu Action

My new laptop finally arrived. It is a Dell Precision M90. It is an Intel Core Duo 2.16ghz machine with a beautiful 17″ WUXGA screen (1920×1200), DVDRW, bluetooth, and a Dell 1490 Wifi adapter. Why am I specifying the adapter? Because, before deciding on this laptop, I did a little research into Linux compatability. I […]

Windows in a Linux Box

My company handed me a copy of MS Project, of which I now must learn to use. I was going to write about how I was using Planner under Linux (which is what I started this project on), but since they are going to be getting the Project Server, and I am the first person […]

New Hardware & Finding Solutions

My free time this week has been sadly, offline. The place I am now living has no broadband…at least not yet. The laptop I am borrowing, has to go back, and my computer won’t be in for another week. What is a techno-junkie to do? Interestingly, the new job has given me a Cingular 8125. […]

A Linux Soul in a Windows World

As I start work with a new company, I exposed to all sorts of strange and wonderful things. First off, they provided me with an email account. Apparently they run MS Exchange Server, and there is something I have never seen before called OWA or Outlook Web Access. So I point my happy Firefox browser […]